Soul Fire Overproof Rum

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Soul fire is part of the Soul brand which is born and bred in Derbyshire. This overproof will blow your mind with a warm taste of caramel and an extra kick at the end, it is best served with a wedge of lime and coke.




9 reviews for Soul Fire Overproof Rum

  1. Harvey Brownley

    This is one of the best rums I’ve ever had. Despite it being 70% it is extremely smooth and full of flavour. Would highly recommend

  2. Gareth Jenkins

    I’ve never been much of a fan of rum but that’s probably because I have never tried something quite like this. It’s amazing. So many complex flavours that are brought out beautifully with either coke or (my favourite) ginger ale.

  3. Rachel Stark

    Love this. Not a real rum drinker but the toffee tones make it very smooth

  4. Debbie Thomas

    Tried this at a recent gin and rum festival, usually a gin drinker, but this rum is absolutely fabulous and I highly recommend it!!!!!

  5. Ack belshaw

    This is my go to rum… its brilliant stuff … specially now that cold weather is here

  6. Mark Benton

    Truly awesome when will this be back in stock

  7. G Wildman

    Great rum, you only need a little bit. Mix with Coke and it tastes like Coke and ice cream!!

  8. Mikey

    Love this with a nice cold ginger ale, it gives it such a nice balance! Tried it at the Gin and Rum Festival and loved it since

  9. Eddie

    Brilliant rum, huge fan of the toffee tones. Despite it being 70% it’s really smooth. Would definitely recommend.

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