Soul Rum

The Soul Range has something for everyone and celebrates the diversity of Rum.

The Story


Soul Rum

The Soul Rum range is the brainchild of a group of friends who love their rum. Understanding the complexity and capabilities of rum – and spotting a growing trend in the market alongside the gin-boom of recent years - they wanted to produce drinks that have something for everyone, and which celebrate the diversity of rum.


Something Sweeter

Spotting a growing trend in gin liqueurs and noting that the large varieties of flavours appeal to a vast number of consumers, the friends at Soul Rum created Soul Salty and Soul Passion to convert drinkers to the delights of rum. With a lighter ABV and a sweeter taste, these are perfect for serving on the rocks or in cocktails.


Something Stronger

With the success of the Soul Rum Liqueurs, the friends wanted to expand the range and appeal to those drinkers who like something a little stronger. Soul Ripple sits in the middle and taps into the success of the flavoured rum market. Soul Fire, their signature over-proof rum, appeals to experienced rum lovers and whiskey drinkers alike.


Something for Everyone

The beautiful but fierce Lioness on the bottles symbolise the beauty and strength infused in every mouthful, and each rum is perfect neat on the rocks or in your favourite cocktail. Only at the beginning of their journey, the rum-loving friends behind Soul Rum want to create the best tasting drinks possible to share with the world and each other.

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June 2020

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Where to try our Soul Rums

The Gin & Rum Festival – Derby – 2020

Inspired by Gin and Rum lovers. It offers over 60 different Gins and 60 different Rums inside a stunning venue in the heart of your city. With incredible entertainment accompanied by great food, this festival is a great chance to spend some quality time exploring a wide range of Gins and Rums. 

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